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'On The Road - Samhain Céili - Los Angeles - 2002'

Four of us went to the Samhin ceili in Los Angeles this year; Florence, Michael M., Dan and Michael D. Dan and Florence drove down, Michael M. flew direct, and Michael D. flew via Boston and Dayton.
There was a large number of dancers in attendance, and the evening was very good, with a lot of energy. People really got in to the fun of dressing up. On the Sunday following the ceili, Michael M taught a workshop in Glendale.

The Los Angeles Dance group have photos of this event on their web site as well. To see them, go here.

Photos by Florence
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Michael Duffy, receiving his
award for 'Most Effort' 
Ceili Band
The céilí band

Group shot
The group
All of the award recipients.
Hmmm. Perhaps a pint
would be nice.
Michael Duffy and
Linda Savage
Group Shot
Michael D., the M&M Lady,
Dan M., Michael M. and Aleta
L.A. Workshop
Workshop in L.A.
L.A. Workshop
Workshop in L.A.
Group Shot
L.A. Group with Michael M.
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